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Moving Blankets 6 Pcs (1.83 x 3.4 Meter)
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Moving Blankets 6 Pcs (1.83 x 3.4 Meter)

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1.83 meter x 3.4 meter

2.5kg 6 pcs

Material - Non Voven

Your valuables, furniture, and appliances need to be protected from scratches and damage when you transport or store them. These moving blankets offer an optimum mix of protection, quality, and durability to protect your furniture from damage and scratches. The moving blankets are made using high-quality material, premium plush, and a heavy cotton pad with a sturdy cloth cover. The strong binding of polyester and the zig-zag stitching pattern ensure the durability and effectiveness of these blankets to protect your furniture and other belongings from damage during transit.
Moving blankets are ideal for any type of goods or furniture relocation, whether you are relocating a home or an office. Because it ensures the safety and integrity of the goods being carried. Your furniture is protected with these strong and durable moving blankets. Be sure to protect your belongings with these polyester and heavily padded furniture blankets.

    • Considerably sized, 1.83 meter x 3.4 meters with ideal quality pads
    • Soft and durable material of moving blankets to protect dents or scratches
    • Not to be machine washed or tumble dried, try spot clean or wash on a gentle cycle
    • Thick cotton batting along with polyester binding for safe transit of stuff
    • Zig-zag or double-lock stitching makes the blankets tear-resistant.
    • Perfect for both individual and professional cargo moving
    • Removalist Blankets at wholesale price
    • Furniture Pads for moving


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