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How 1 simple change can SAVE your children’s and their children’s future in just 5 minutes.

Living in Australia, we have seen a lot of beautiful natural sites. I am sure that you have also noticed that these beautiful natural sites are seen less and less every day. The simple reason for that is pollution. This pollution is killing nature and the animals in it. We can spend hours and hours trying to get big factories to reduce pollution but there is one thing that we can do in our homes. Reduce plastic pollution. Over a hundred million marine animals are killed because of plastic [1]. Over 44% of seabirds have ingested or become entangled in plastic [2]. I know I wouldn’t want my kid to grow up without the beautiful sea or birds. It is more than just not seeing them. We can’t live without animals around them it would break the natural cycle around us [3]. This is how it would feel to be stuck in a plastic bag We can help our kids and their kids form plastic free habits, if we start with our selves. We can change the consistent inflow of plastic that we get with groceries every week. Have a look at this multi-pocket bag , it helps organise your groceries because it has pockets for different fruits and veggies. A produce bag is a good and reusable replacement for those rolls of plastic bags they have. The good old  tote and Jute bags . Use the code mumssavetheworld for a 10% discount if you like what we are offering. Thank you 😊

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