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Life after the Plastic Bag

The plastic bag – the once constant companion in all your shopping expeditions will be laid to rest in a few days in New Zealand. Major shopping retailers in Australia have already banned plastic bags and state-wide bans across Australia are expected to take effect in the following months. Fresh off the news is that Victoria will ban lightweight, single-use plastic shopping bags from November.


Which brings us to the question on everyone’s mind: what happens next?


For over decades, plastic bags had become a standard part of our homes. However, the negative impact of plastic bags on the environment prompted a change that is here to stay.


An alternative and a sustainable one at that needs to be implemented for the routine of shopping is an indispensable aspect of our lives. We at Babson Best Bags, have developed what we believe is the way of the future.


Reusable bags

Reusable shopping bags are an excellent option when it comes to sustainable and cost-effective solutions in the long term.


Babson Best Bags have developed a range of Jute / Hessian bags that are well suited to the needs of the average shopper. Jute / Hessian is a highly durable element and we source our Jute bags from suppliers who know how important it is to keep shoppers coming back, as repeat purchases form the backbone of the business model in the retail industry.


The personalization factor

Retailers cannot afford the discontinuation of plastic bags to negatively impact the way they operate. They still need to provide their customers with a great experience. If retailers can provide hessian shopping bags to customers, for example, they would have provided them a viable solution and have formed a stronger relationship with them.


Babson best bags allow retailers to have personalized branding on our bags and these personalized jute /personalized hessian bags can go a long way in cementing brand awareness, brand recall and create advocates out of shoppers.


Our product range

Being responsible towards the environment forms the cornerstone of our business. And our printed jute bags can also come with a standard printed text ‘I care for my city & environment’, which allows customers to display their personal values. And this is fully customizable – businesses can provide us with logos or purchase logo design services from our website as well.


While our jute / hessian products are very popular, we also provide bags made out of cotton which is another great alternative and provides customers with the flexibility they need. Our custom print cotton tote bags also can be made to order.


One of our most popular products is the multi-pocket bag (image below).


This premium canvas (also available in cotton) shopping bag with multiple pockets is your new best friend when it comes to shopping. Re-usable and washable, it is durable, will last the distance and the material lends itself to being more upright more often! This affordable bag will save you costs in the long-term so you don’t have to buy bags all the time.


Be organized, be kind to the environment. And most of all, be the best shopper you can be!


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