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Eco friendly bags in Victoria is the future

A world without plastic bags is about to become a reality in Victoria before the year ends. Businesses across the state will no longer be allowed to hand out plastic bags to customers.  And eco friendly bags are the way forward.

Babson Best Bags have been providing businesses with environment friendly bags that have kept the shopping experience intact, whilst looking after the planet.

With the government effectively supporting the use of environment friendly bags in Victoria it has become important that Victorian businesses keep up with it.

One of the key criteria for shoppers has always been to be able to re-use their shopping bags. Which place great emphasis on the introduction and ongoing supply of reusable shopping bags in Victoria. Again, businesses must respond and comply.

We would like to share some of our range of options for eco friendly bags.

Jute/Hessian Bags

If you are a whole food business or a convenience store, this bag is most suited to your needs and to your customer’s preferences. Perfect for the shopping experience, our reusable bags are large in size with plenty of room to fit in your customer’s shopping requirements and can be used for multiple purposes. Additionally, you can also place your personal brand on the bags, improving your brand awareness.

Price: $3.00 per bag + GST + Delivery. 1 box contains 50 pieces.


Cotton Bags

Similar in terms of use to the Jute/Hessian range, this bag is great for shopping. In addition to being well-suited to whole food businesses, our cotton bags are also popular with Deli’s and butchers. Customized branding options are also available. We also supply premium canvas bags and our multi-pocket shopping bag is hugely popular.

Price: $1.50 per bag + GST + Delivery. 1 box contains 200 pieces.


Non-Woven Bags

Non-woven bags are rigid and hence retain their shape well. It is a great alternative to cotton and provides a neat solution to your business and your customers. In terms of the types of businesses, they are known to be an incredibly versatile option but are most popular with our fruit vendor clients.

Price: $1.00 per bag + GST + Delivery. 1 box contains 100 pieces.


Paper Bags

This bag is extremely popular with our clients that are in the business of takeaways. It is a great bonus that these are completely reusable bags and are quite suited to multiple purposes.

Price: $00.30 per bag + GST + Delivery. 1 box contains 250 pieces.


Order quantities

For all of our reusable shopping bags in Victoria, Babson Best Bags requires all business orders to be at a minimum of $150 + GST. The actual quantities depend on the bags, as per the pricing above.

The time has indeed come to take responsibility for the planet. The government is doing its bit. Businesses in the state can now take advantage of our cost-effective and environment friendly bags so they can continue to service their customers who face the need for reusable bags in Victoria.

After all, the discussion on environmentally friendly bags in Victoria has never been greater in our great state.


To Order

We can service your orders online. Please visit our user-friendly website, view our catalog and place your orders.

Alternatively, for wholesale orders you can contact:
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We look forward to being part of your business success story and ensuring your customers keep having that great customer experience. Above all, we firmly believe that our products help the environment make the planet a better place for all.

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